handcrafted Italian.

a blend of locally sourced goods & fine imports. 


La migliore (best) salsiccia (sausage) in San Diego

Strozzi brings homemade and handcrafted family Italian recipes to Barrio Logan, a vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood of downtown San Diego.

Photos by Coventry Automatik

The Vision

Strozzi So-Cal Italian opened our doors early 2014 featuring family inspired Italian recipes from our very own Nonna Losacco.  Nonna had a vision of one day sharing the family's decades old recipes with the community because she felt everyone deserves fresh, handmade meals made with that extra bit of love. Thus Strozzi's So-Cal Italian was born, in her honor. Staying true to her philosophy, all of our dishes are married with locally curated produce and beautiful imported ingredients from our Italian oils to artisanal meats, spices and cheese.  We make our pasta by hand and cook it to order.  We offer a fine selection of local craft brews and wines for those needing a little libation to accompany their sausage cravings and a collection of desserts made from scratch for those needing a sweet treat.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is situated within the front portion of a renovated mixed-used masonry warehouse with wood, concrete and stone interior features that give the restaurant a utilitarian feel with vibrant pops of color that warm the space.  The modern, yet raw design materials and aesthetic compliments the rugged, but carefully handcrafted inspiration behind the menu.

Opening in Barrio Logan and serving our local community has truly allowed Nonna’s vision to come to fruition and we are continually inspired by her legacy every day. We hope that our community experiences and enjoys a little bit of Italy with a lot of family inspiration!
— Chris Stroberg | Owner and Founder


619 487 0366



1805 Newton Avenue
at the corner of Newton and Beardsley
San Diego, CA 92113



M-Fri 11am–3pm
Thu Happy Hour 3p–5p
Sat-Sun Closed


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Download me for a discount off your next lunch!

Download me for a discount off your next lunch!

Strozzi So-Cal will be participating in the Reader Burgers and Beer Event taking place Saturday, September 10th. 

Swing by to try our delicious Strozzi homemade sausage burger on Saturday -  its going to be a spectacular event! We look forward to seeing you then!

To buy tickets and learn more about the event, click  here . 

To buy tickets and learn more about the event, click here

Past News:

MAY 16, 2016 | Strozzi is hosting a fundraiser to support the re-election of Mayor Kevin Faulconer.  Check out this flyer for more info.

2015 | Restaurant Review from San Diego Reader 'A meatball sub in the barrio'


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